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Surfer Jumps To The Rescue When Lifeguard Is Dragged Into Strong Current.

two-photo collage. on the left there is a picture of the lifeguard about to get dragged by the ocean current and on the right there is a picture of a surfer jumping to the lifeguard's rescue

A lifeguard’s primary mission is to supervise the safety of swimmers and rescue them when needed. Therefore, when this particular lifeguard noticed a man struggling in the aggressive ocean waves during a boogie board tournament, he did not hesitate to jump in the water.

Unfortunately, the lifeguard’s rescue mission did conclude as planned. As soon as the lifeguard completed the rescue and was trying to go back ashore, the powerful ocean current dragged him. Thankfully, in these competitions, there are always avid swimmers present, so when surfer Renan Souza saw that the lifeguard could not get out of the water, he immediately grabbed his board and jumped in to rescue him. 

“The guy was going to die,” said Renan. “My heart burned. It really burned.”

Spectators captured the nerve-wracking moment on camera where Renan can be seen going through the aggressive waves to save the lifeguard from the strong current, and he did! Renan was able to get ahold of the lifeguard and swam away from the waves.

Although the lifeguard had to be airlifted to a hospital for his bruises, if it wasn’t for this brave surfer, the outcome could’ve been way worse.

Sometimes heroes need other heroes, and this story proves it! We are thankful Renan was there and that he was brave enough to face those strong waves.

Watch the lifeguard’s difficult rescue below and don’t forget to share with a friend.

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