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Drowning Squirrel Is Saved By A Woman Taking Out Her Trash — Now They’re Best Buds!

woman helping a squirrel out of a trash can full of water.

Some people view household chores as a not-very-exciting part of life, but for this particular woman, one of the most common chores turned into a life-saving event.

A surveillance video caught the harrowing moment that took place while she was taking out some trash. As she was going back inside, she noticed a squirrel drowning inside a trash can. As soon as she realized what was happening, she quickly turned the container on its side to set him free.

The weather was so cold that the little squirrel was shaking and couldn’t even move. After seeing the poor little guy struggling to walk, she decided to bring him inside her house to warm him with a heating pad and a towel. She even gave him some well-deserved peanuts!

A couple of hours later, she noticed the squirrel was back to normal and close to being completely dry. At that point, she let him back outside to his natural habitat. You’d think this is where their story would end and yet…

“He’s been coming back ever since to say ‘hi’ and she feeds him,” the woman’s sister wrote.

Animals remember acts of kindness, too, especially if it involved saving their life! So don’t forget to watch your surroundings the next time you do your chores, you never know who might need your help.

Watch the video of the rescue below and don’t forget to share this woman’s act of kindness.

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