Sure, Parents Can Embarrass Their Kids… But These Kids Are Returning The Favor Hilariously!

kids embarrassing parents

Every parent loves to make their kids cringe, but these kiddos are returning the favor by embarrassing their parents! Parents are people too and are therefore capable of being hilariously pranked. Check out this list of some of the funniest videos of kids embarrassing their parents (even unintentionally)!

1. Uh oh. Kids are parrots.

Be forewarned: your daughter might need a check-in before you take her to the office!

2. Jake just had to go.

Truthfully, I don’t think Jake knew that he was embarrassing his parents. However… the reality is the same.

3. Teens like to get in on the fun, too!

*This one has a little bit of NSFW language!*

Poor mom. No coyote. But at least you were the star of the playground for a moment!

4. This kid is embarrassing his parents with his ingenuity.


The most glamorous part of #parenting is what happens on #roadtrips with #kids #momsoftiktok #embarrassing #2021 @carlsjrofficial

♬ original sound – Nic

Not a great spot for that, though.

5. Finally, a quick shout-out to one of the most famous parent/kid duos on Earth.

There are seemingly endless videos of North embarrassing her mom. Not even Kim Kardashian is safe from being embarrassed by her kiddo!

These kids embarrassing their parents are seriously hilarious. Have you ever been embarrassed by your child?

The featured images for this post are from TikTok (here and here).

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