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Teen’s Elaborate “Monty Python” Promposal Has Family Cracking Up.

A teen named Gavin stands in a teen girl's yard with a large scroll. His three friends stand beside him. They're going for a "Monty Python" themed promposal.

When you think of the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, odds are, the word “romance” doesn’t pop into your head — at least not right away. That’s what makes this Monty Python themed prom proposal all the more delightful: It’s just so unexpected! It all starts when a teenager named Gavin Gillig wants to ask Gianna Masterlasco to the prom.

I’d love to know more details on how exactly Gavin came up with this idea. Although we don’t get this info, what we do know is he has some of the best friends ever. In a video capturing the promposal, Gianna can be seen opening her front door. Right away, one of Gavin’s friends plays the trumpet.

A teenage girl smiles as she looks back at the camera. She's at her front door, which is open. Standing at a distance in her front yard is a teenage boy playing a trumpet.

Soon after, Gavin arrives on a “horse.” Or rather, he gallops between one friend who is riding a toy horse while another friend holds onto a dustpan with a long handle, indicating the tail of the creature.

The trumpet player helps Gavin off his “horse” so that he can pull out a large scroll. This contains a very important message for Gianna.

Monty Python Promposal is a Hit

“Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye,” the clever teen starts. “Sir Gavin Gillig, son of Sir Trevor Gillig. First of his name, Destroyer of Porcelain, Tamer of the Beast Chewbacca, Slayer of Books, and Scourge to All Things That Smell Nice and Clean, cordially invites you, Gianna Masterlasco, to the royal gala filled with fun fellowship and fellow acquaintances on 6 May, 2023 the year of our Lord. What is your response, Madam?”

Four teenage boys are in a teen girl's front yard for a Monty Python themed promposal. One stands while holding a trumpet. The other three gallop in line, two acting as the front and end of a horse and the third acting like he's riding the horse.

Throughout Gavin’s grand act of love, both Gianna and her dad can’t stop giggling. After a dramatic pause, she happily agrees to his offer. Gavin then places a paper crown on her head and “rides” off into the sunset once more.

It’s hard to imagine a promposal that does a better job at combining both romance and humor!

Watch the hilarious video below to see this clever Monty Python themed prom proposal.

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