Students Fake A Fight To Surprise Their Teacher In The Sweetest Way.

A teacher breaks up a fake fight at school.

Most teachers probably don’t love being pranked by their students, but the “fake fight” trend online is one exception! There are countless videos on TikTok that show kids pulling off this hilarious and heartwarming practical joke. It starts with students forming a crowd around what appears to be a fight, yelling and egging each other on. However, as soon as the teacher steps in to intervene, she gets a pleasant surprise instead!

In most of these videos, the crowd parts to reveal that they were really hiding a big bouquet. Usually, there’s also an explosion of celebratory confetti. Teachers have various responses to the “fake fight” trend, but almost all of them look touched to receive flowers.

Many of these videos show teachers moved to tears when they see their beautiful bouquets. We’re sure there’s some serious relief mixed in as they realize that they don’t really have to break up the fake fight!


Students pretended to get into a fight to surprise their beloved teacher on her birthday 旦 Video: @metrevelisalii/IG #student #teacher #emotional #inspiration #love

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Some students have staged other emergencies instead of physical altercations. One compilation of “fake fight” footage included a boy pretending to be passed out in the hallway. As soon as his teacher rushed to help him, he sprang to his feet with a bunch of flowers for her! While it’s usually a very bad idea to fake an injury or illness, the prank seems to have turned out fine on this specific occasion.


surprising the best teachers, we love you so much 歹 . #surprise #teacher #fight #lyautey

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One creative boyfriend even used the “fake fight” trend to propose! When the worried teacher pulled her students apart, she found her partner at the center of the chaos bending down on one knee.

We love to see teachers getting the appreciation they deserve! However, if students could accomplish this without faking a fight, it might be better for their teachers’ stress levels.

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