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Stranger’s Postcard Sent From Paris Over 50 Yrs Ago Arrives In US Woman’s Mailbox.

This antique postcard from a mysterious sender has a Maine woman stumped.

A Maine woman was surprised to find a postcard from Paris in her mailbox this month. Initially, Portland resident Jessica Means thought the piece of mail had been misdelivered. Upon further inspection, she noticed that it had been originally sent in 1969. She also recognized the names of the intended recipients, Mr. and Mrs. Rene A. Gagnon.

“At first I thought it must have been meant for one of my neighbors,” Jessica told Bangor Daily News. “But then I realized it was addressed to the original owners of my house.”

A vintage postcard from Paris sent in 1969.
Jessica Means/Facebook

To add to the mystery, there was a second postmark on the letter. Apparently, the postcard had somehow made its way to Tallahassee, Florida, before being sent to the correct address in 2023. There are no other clues on the piece of mail indicating its unusual journey. Few details are included in the handwritten message, which is simply signed, “Roy.”

“Dear folks,” reads the postcard. “By the time you get this I will have long since been home, but it just seems proper to send this from the Tour Eiffel, where I am now. Don’t have a chance to see much but having fun.”

This antique postcard from a mysterious sender has a Maine woman stumped.
Jessica Means/Facebook

Research has revealed that Rene Gagnon, who passed away in 1988, had a son-in-law named Roy Salzman. Jessica believes he could be the postcard’s original sender. As for who sent the piece of mail from Tallahassee, she still has no idea. However, she has posed the question on Facebook in hopes that someone can help her get in contact with the stranger.

“Help me solve this mystery!” Jessica wrote in a post, including a photo of the postcard. “I’d love to learn how this made its way home across the decades. Maybe you or someone you know remembers the Gagnons or has a clue as to who might have mailed this from Tallahassee in 2023!”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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