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Drop Waists And Thigh-High Slits: See 100 Yrs Of Prom Dress Styles In Just Minutes.

Fashion has always changed to reflect the sensibilities and social norms of the times. It’s a fascinating study on how clothing styles match an era, and it’s incredible to see how different fashions change from decade to decade. Glamour magazine has always been on the front lines of the fashion industry, so their recent video on prom dress styles through the ages is equal parts entertaining and educational.

In the video, models slip into prom fashions from drop waisted, lacy-yoked 1930s frocks to bodycon, spaghetti-strapped gowns worn by modern teens, and everything in between! It also reveals interesting facts about the history of proms, like how racial strife, modern movies, and even politics play a role in each decade’s style. It’s a fun trip through 100 years of prom dress fashion, and it’s interesting to think how far we’ve come, yet how we’ve stayed the same.

Watch the video below. Which is your favorite style?

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