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Strangers Pay It Forward After 8-Year-Old Raises More Than $12K To Save Pets In Need

Pets shelter

After a little boy spent three summers raising over $12K for shelter pets in need, his own dog fell ill. So people around the country came together to show him that kindness goes both ways.

Henry Bryant, now eight, began his quest to save shelter pets when he was only six. At that time, he decided to open a lemonade stand and give a local organization all the proceeds. He managed to earn over $2k. And as promised, he handed over every penny to help homeless dogs and cats. 

But he didn’t stop there. During his summer breaks, Henry opened six more stands, where he continued making thousands. Henry kept donating the profits to various shelters around his home in Michigan. In many cases, the money helped animals get expensive medical procedures that never would have been possible otherwise. 

“I want all dogs to have a home and to have a good life,” Henry told 7 News Detroit.

Henry Sets Up 7th Lemonade Stand To Raise Money for A Local Pet Shelter

This year, Henry’s dog Pickles had a medical emergency, and his family couldn’t afford the medical bills. When people across the country heard, they came together to raise the money needed, and they saved Pickles’ life.

“If it wasn’t for Henry, we never would have been able to get the care that Pickles needed,” Henry’s mom, Shelley Lambert, shared.

Henry and his family were touched by the outpouring, so they set up the seventh stand on June 22nd and gave the proceeds to the River Rouge Animal Shelter.

In honor of his dog and those who donated to his medical costs, Henry sold a special drink called “Pickles Punch” alongside his standard plain and strawberry lemonade. Henry said the drink was green, but his mom assured everyone it didn’t taste like pickles.

“It resonates in my heart because I get to see him doing something that he’s so proud to do,” Henry’s dad, Michael, said of his son’s continued efforts. “I also get to see people donating money to something that they trust and it works out and these dogs are saved.”

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