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Stranger Spots Little Boy Wearing Unique Jersey, Returns Later With Astounding Gift For Him

Close up of a smiling kid as he holds multiple basketball cards in his hands.

Part of the fun in sporting merch of your favorite team or player is connecting with other fans. That’s exactly what happened recently when Neesh’s son wore a Dominique Wilkins jersey. Although he’s now the Vice President of Basketball and Special Advisor to the CEO for the Atlanta Hawks, he was once a player himself. As luck would have it, while out for lunch, a fellow fan took notice of the jersey this kid was wearing.

“This man walked by and inquired about it, saying he was from Atlanta and that it’s so rare to see a kid wearing this Jersey,” Neesh explains. “He asked if we would be around in about an hour and I said we would, not knowing why he asked. About an hour later he came back and gave my son an AUTOGRAPHED Wilkins jersey and some really nice basketball cards to go with it!!!”

In the distance, a little boy and a man stand next to a truck in a parking lot while they chat.

Turns out, this kind stranger is a collector of basketball memorabilia. Seeing this sweet kid wearing such a rare jersey inspired him to go above and beyond, ensuring that the kid will never forget this moment.

“He didn’t want anything in return but to make my child’s day and put a smile on his face,” this grateful mom notes. “We both thanked him, and I think I asked his name, but due to the overwhelming excitement and gratitude I was feeling, I may have forgot!”

Close up of a Dominique Wilkins jersey in a clear, plastic bag. The jersey has a signature in the 1 of the large 21 on it.

Kind Man Spots Kid Wearing a Dominique Wilkins Jersey — Then He Makes His Day

Now that Neesh and her son have had time to process this random act of kindness, they’re hoping to find this amazing stranger. They’re also spreading word of what he did in hopes that it will remind others that there are good people in the world — this is a reminder Neesh herself says she needed. In fact, she notes that this interaction “restored my faith in humans.”

A little boy smiles wide as he sits outside. He's holding a signed Dominique Wilkins jersey and multiple basketball cards.

“There really are some great people in the world,” Neesh says. “… My son will never forget what you did for him! I’m sorry if you wanted to remain anonymous but because of your kind heart and generosity, I feel as though others should know! In a world full of negative images, this is the positivity we need to see! I hope someone will bless you in the same manner that you blessed us!”

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