Strangers Walk Up To Street Musician, At 2:02 I Had Serious Chills

Some of the most incredible performers in the world never make it from the street corner to the stage. In today’s world, talent isnt enough to make a living… but it certainly can make life worthwhile.

When a stranger walked up to this street musician the musical vibes started flowing right off the bat. As the duo started playing, the crowd started to grow and the melody morphed into a full-on jam session. The song was so catchy that ANOTHER stranger couldn’t help but add his two cents to the show. Did you catch what he said at the end of the jam? “I need that one man, I appreciate it.”

Here’s the Takeaway: Like the lyrics of their song so wisely describe -alone, change is hard to come by, but together we can do anything.

Watch their jam session below and share if this beautiful -and quite catchy- human moment made your day!

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