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“Get Some Chicken Nuggets” Man Shares Heartwarming Birthday Card From 90-Yr-Old Grandmother

A birthday card that reads "Happy birthday to you!" Handwritten parts that we can read: Get some chicken nuggets! "Love" Grannie and Maw Maw. Hope you have a Great... There's a $20 bill on the card

Some things never change. For many, that includes the tradition of getting and receiving birthday cards. While younger folks might not use them as much, or choose to go with digital versions, the love that comes from a physical card is one that grandmas especially adore. This is something, I think, we can all be grateful for — it’s certainly something that Travis Akers appreciates. He reveals that, even though he’s an adult, he can still count on his grandmother to send him a special card every single year.

“My 90+ year old grandmother still sends a birthday card every year with $20 and a note that says, ‘get some chicken nuggets.’ I’m 42 now,” Travis shares in a sweet post on social media. “These cards are everything.”

A birthday card that reads "Happy birthday to you!"

Handwritten parts read: Get some chicken nuggets! "Love" Grannie and Maw Maw. Hope you have a Great Day. God Bless. 

There's a $20 bill on the card

It’s no wonder that these sweet, and hilariously specific, birthday cards never fail to brighten Travis’ day. This is the kind of sweet gift that is sure to be the highlight of anyone’s birthday. In fact, you’ll find lots of heartwarming birthday cards from other grandmas that have been shared on social media.

Grandma Gives Chicken Nugget Money in Birthday Card For Her 42-Year-Old Grandson

In a popular post, a Reddit user named Tttoille shares that their grandma has been making them birthday cards for years. Without fail, they always make them feel loved. Although they appreciate every single card they’ve gotten over the years, they admit that the one below meant the most.

A handmade birthday card that has a typed message: 

Happy birthday Elliott. You have blessed my life for 47 years. This will be my last time trying to write on computer and doing it as hands don't want to write and now memory going fast, but trying to do a birthday card for you my dear precious Elliott. Love you so much. Grandma Rose

Whether a card is handmade or bought from the store, there really is something oh-so special about them. They’re a simple way to show someone that you thought of them. Plus, cards are a great way for a loved one to keep a piece of you with them for years to come. How cool is that?

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