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World’s Cutest Stepdad Takes Little Stepdaughter On Her First Date.

When parents separate, it can be hard for kiddos to navigate what are usually pretty murky waters.

This is especially true when their moms and dads eventually move on and find love in new partners. Who is this new man in my life? Will Dad be mad that he’s here? It can all be very confusing for little ones, but over time, they learn to love their stepparents and step-siblings, too. Blended families can be some of the most beautiful families in the world, and judging by one stepdad‘s relationship with his young stepdaughter, that’s certainly the case here.


Andy Terry wanted to take his wife’s little daughter, Sophie, out on her first date and make her feel special. Ever the glamorous queen, Sophie insisted that she got a new pair of shoes to match her favorite dress.

Of course, Mom had to capture a video of the event, which starts out with the precious girl traipsing down the stairs and her mother saying, “Someone’s at the door for you!”

sophie first date

Sophie then went to the door and found her stepdad standing there with a bouquet of flowers because he is a true gentleman. From there, they head off for a fun daddy-daughter, three-course meal at a local Italian restaurant.


Watch the start of the date in the video:

It’s something Andy had been planning for a while. “I have wanted to take Sophie on a daddy and daughter date for a while but it’s been tough finding the time,” he said. “Then on the Wednesday she was upset about something and having a moment so I asked her if she wanted to go on a date to cheer her up.”


The quirky kid couldn’t get enough of the attention! In Andy’s words:

I picked her up and she was dead excited and she was really happy with her flowers. I think they surprised her a bit. She didn’t know what to do with them.

I let her choose her dinner and she kept asking me if this was my first date and I told her ‘No, I’ve been on a date with your mam,’ and then she would say, ‘Well this is my first date.’ It was so funny.

andy and sophie first date

Okay, dads! It’s time to step it up and get on Andy’s level. Check out the cute video down below and make sure you share it with your friends if these two made you smile.

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