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Stealthy Boyfriend Plays Hilarious Game Of “Chicken” With Ring Before Proposing.

A two-photo collage. The first shows someone holding up a box with an engagement ring behind a woman who is walking with her head turned slightly. The second photo shows that same woman who is now squatted next to a car and is working on a tire. Someone is holding an engagement ring above her head.

So much excitement surrounds getting engaged, but there’s also quite a bit of stress involved, too. For the person who’s proposing, there tends to be pressure when it comes to the when, where, and how of it all. To top it off, there’s the added stress of making sure the love of your life has no idea what you’re planning. At least that’s true for some people. Eden Scaife’s now fiancé, on the other hand, chose to play a dangerous game.

In the weeks leading up to their engagement, Eden’s fiancé decided to have a little fun with the ring he bought her. At random moments while they were together, this sneaky guy would take photos that included the ring — and it was often dangerously close to Eden’s line of sight.

In fact, he once placed the ring on her back while she was squatting down next to a car, inspecting the tire. Still, absolutely none of this caught her attention. Needless to say, when he finally did propose and revealed what he had been up to all that time, Eden was floored in a variety of ways.

“Because proposing apparently wasn’t stressful enough for him,” Eden wrote on TikTok.

Watch Eden’s fiancé pull off this sneaky proposal in the video below.


Because proposing apparently wasn’t stressful enough for him

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