13 Times Grandparents Proved Their Love For Grandkids Knows No Bounds

Left frame shows a grandpa waiting for a hug from his granddaughter. Right frame shows a young girl helping a grandparent put his sock on.

When a parent has a child, there is a bond between them. There is a similar bond between children and their grandparents. Their eyes light up when they see each other, and they squeal joyfully. Some grandparents develop specific routines with the children of their children.


Think of your own grandparents. Certain things endeared them to you. Some memories will never leave you. Relish those memories and work to help your children develop those relationships with their own grandparents.

1. Who Needs a Doorbell?

This little tyke knew who it was and let the whole world know!


Her reaction🥹🥰 #Pubity (IG: lizkihn)

♬ original sound – Pubity

2. This Girl Only Came For The Hugs!

She could eventually become a football fan, but she’s only there for the hugs right now!

3. Accepting Your Fate

This new mom knows that her days as daddy’s favorite just ended.


#greenscreenvideo this hurteded a little bit but they’re inseparable😂😂😂😂 #daddysgirl #grandpasoftiktok #momsoftiktok

♬ I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan

4. Meeting Grandparents For The First Time Can Be Overwhelming!

There are not enough tissues on the planet for these moments!


Watching my parents with my baby gives me all the feels. The love they have for him is out of this world🥹 #grandmasoftiktok #grandpasoftiktok #grandparents #newbornbaby #lovestory #familytime

♬ original sound – Michaela

5. We All Need A Handy Grandpa!

Back before we had store-bought toys and games, people made up their own fun things to do.


He rode this no less than 30 times and could have kept going!! Grandpa’s are the best! He made this out of an old bike and electrical high line wire! #grandpa #grandparents #grandparentsoftiktok #grandpalove #grandpasoftiktok

♬ Good Life – OneRepublic

6. Pinata With A Twist — Thanks, Grandpa!

Whacking the pinata is always fun. Grandpa adds an additional element to the festivities upping the ante!

7. Grandpa Invents A New Game — Face Jenga

This Grandpa must have been bored when all the kids got tuckered out and took naps!

8. Mom Is A Bit Spicy About The Preferential Treatment Here

We can’t blame Mom for being spicy, but Grandpa earned the right to spoil his granddaughter!


I got spanked as a kid & this is what she gets 💅🏽😅 #grandpasoftiktok

♬ The Cuppycake Song – Buddy Castle & Amy Castle

9. Grandpa’s Little Helper

Sometimes, Grandpa needs help, and this little granddaughter is ready to step up and get the job done!

10. Always And Forever — There Is No Greater Love!

When Grandpa pulls up, you must run for that first hug! It’s in the rule book somewhere.

11. Great-Grandpa Deserves All The Love Too!

Whether you are a grandpa, great-grandpa, or even someone stray kids call grandpa, you all deserve a child’s love!

12. Love Shines Even Over Long Distances!

These two may be separated by many miles but still display a lifetime bond!

13. We’re Not Sure Who Was Having More Fun Here!

This Grandpa and grandchild make the same types of noises. We have no clue what they’re talking about, but it is a lively conversation!


If this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve seen all day.. 😍😍😍 #fyp #grandpasoftiktok #babiesoftiktok #greatgrandpa

♬ original sound – Gabe Fahlman

Relish the time you have with your grandparents. If you are a parent, make sure that you allow ample time for your parents to spoil your children. It is what they look forward to every day. And sometimes it is a repayment for everything you did as a teenager, so take your lumps like a grown-up!

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