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The Holderness Family Discusses Mom’s Addiction To Shopping At Target.

shopping at target disorder

If you’re able to walk into Target and just buy one thing, you’re a stronger person than me.

You might remember the Holderness family for their hugely popular video “Christmas Jammy Jam.” Now Penn and Kim are back, sans kids this time, to discuss a problem Kim is finally ready to come clean about. She’s got an “STD.” But it’s definitely not what you’re thinking!


Now, before you think Kim is sharing something that’s way too much information, let me explain. Kim is suffering from a condition that many a suburban mom also has, a condition that causes us to lose all self-control when in the vicinity of one special place.

Yes, we’re talking about Target.


In Kim’s case, STD stands for “Shopping at Target Disorder,” and let’s face it… we all have it.

If you’ve ever walked into a Target store to pick up a “few” odds and ends like paper towels and kitty litter, only to walk out $100 poorer with bags full of random stuff you didn’t even know you wanted, much less needed… then you know what we’re talking about.


In Kim’s case, she’s popped into Target to pick up dish soap and come out with a golden bunny and a graphic T-shirt. Been there, done that, right?

Oh, and she forgot the dish soap…


Unlike many of their videos, Penn and Kim don’t lip sync to famous songs in this spoof, but it’s endearing and hilarious just the same. So many of us can relate to this topic!


The best part? Penn has a plan to help Kim overcome her little issue, and it involves de-conditioning her just a bit.

Basically, Penn’s plan is to follow Kim around the store and blast her eardrums out with an air horn every time she picks something up. Classic!


In the end, you can only help someone who wants to be helped, and Kim is perfectly fine with living with her STD. In fact, she LOVES it!


We’re right there with you, Kim! We wouldn’t swap our STD for anything, either.


Watch their funny video below, and don’t forget to share with a friend who has this STD, too! It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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