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“Stay With Me, Please!” Rescuers Plucks Unconscious Kitten Out Of 8-Ft Drain Pipe.

closeup of of a kitten named matilda at a local animal hospital called medvet. she is being held. she is looking around curiously.

When Kamm’s Cat Guardians found out that kittens had fallen into an open drain pipe, they immediately arranged a kitten rescue.

By the time they arrived, it was already too late for three of the kittens, but with one still meowing away, they knew they had to work quickly. But since the pipe was eight feet deep, they needed all the help they could get.

Luckily, they had a whole team working to save this kitten’s life: Kym and Gary from Kamm’s Cat Guardians, Craig and Mike from local news station WKYC, and Jim from a local Home Depot.

To help reach the kitten, Jim created a device that would make it easier to grab her. Still, finding a way to get her out of the 4-inch-wide drain took hours. Towards the end, the kitten stopped crying, and everyone feared the worst.

“Come on! Stay with me, please!” one of the rescuers said as they got closer to getting her out.

By the time they were successful, the kitten was no longer breathing. One of the rescuers gave her CPR before they rushed to a nearby animal hospital, hoping it wasn’t too late. Then, after all of those tireless hours, they finally heard the most beautiful sound.

“Soon after arriving at MedVet, she came around and started crying which was music to everyone’s ears,” Kamm’s Cat Guardians shared on Facebook. “They kept her until her body temperature was back up to normal and she was eating.”

The kitten, who has since been named Matilda, is doing much better now. In fact, she was declared healthy enough to join the shelter’s foster program, where she’ll be able to find her forever home!

“Thanks to Gary, Kym, Jim, Craig and Mike, this little one can grow up to live a long life,” the shelter wrote. “Although our hearts are broken for the ones who couldn’t be saved, we are grateful for little Matilda’s survival. Please, cover any open drain pipes in your yard.”

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