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Police Officer Snatches Puppies Out Of A Burning Building Just In The Nick Of Time.

a two photo collage. one is a screenshot from a police officer's bodycam footage that shows the outside of a house in arizona that is on fire. the fire started in the attic and the flames can be seen toward the back of the house. the other is a large husky sitting in the back of a vehicle next to a box of her six puppies. all of them were recently rescued from a house fire.

As police officers and firefighters made their way to an Arizona home at 1:30 a.m., the flames that started in the attic were quickly spreading to the garage below.

By the time police arrived, the fire had fully burned through the roof and into the rear of the garage. Two dogs were located outside the house but, based on the loud squeaking noises coming from inside, they weren’t the only ones. Trapped in the garage were seven puppies, all of whom seemed to be just a few weeks or even days old.

“Once the garage door was open, the mother of the pups ran out as our officers ran inside to the sounds of squealing puppies,” Jose Santiago, spokesperson for the city of Glendale said.

With the help of other officers, one man ventured into the smoke-filled garage in an attempt to locate and rescue the terrified pups. Once he was able to navigate around the vehicles in his path, he discovered all seven of them on the floor.

Finding a large metal food bowl, the officer scooped up the pups and placed them inside. With the puppies stacked on top of one another, the officer carefully made his way back outside and far away from the house so they could start breathing fresh air. Plus, they were reunited with their mom!

Thanks to some kind neighbors, the officers had a location to take care of the pups until they could be transported to a local veterinarian for evaluation. Although one of the puppies did not survive, the fact that the other six did is being considered a miracle.

“Just seeing that footage for the first time, I would never have expected any of those animals to make it,” Enrico Carluen, a doctor at Arizona Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Center said. “I do expect them to continue to do well and make it out of the hospital.”

In the meantime, the officers involved in their rescue are being recognized for their kind hearts and bravery.

“The Glendale Fire Department recognizes the heroic efforts made by these Glendale police officers but want to stress to the public that re-entering a burning or smoke-filled home is dangerous and can lead to serious injury or even death,” the department said. “This is not recommended for the general public, but instead should be left to public safety professionals to do so in a safe manner.”

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