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Bride Surprises Husband Who Loves “Star Wars” With Epic Song Walking Down Aisle

Image is a stock photo of a beautiful bride holding her bouquet.

Walking down the aisle at your wedding is a special day. You are joining one another with the promise of a lifetime of togetherness. Whether the engagement was a long or short period, the bride and groom know each other well enough to want to leap into marriage. In knowing one another, our bride today knew her betrothed well. As a huge “Star Wars” fan, she knew the perfect wedding song to march down the aisle!


Our wedding was all about doing things for US we didn’t worry about what other people might think we jusy wanted a day that was special to us #starwarswedding #aislesongs #starwarsfan #uniquewedding #weddingideas #uniqueweddingideas #weddingplanning #groomssong #starwarstiktok #2023wedding #2024wedding

♬ original sound – Alannah Harding

Alannah Harding was marrying her best friend. The video of their ceremony was posted on September 9, 2023. Alannah opted to walk down the aisle to the theme music from his favorite movie, and the beat was perfect. The low instrumental version of the “Star Wars” theme music they selected was better than the typical “Here Comes the Bride” wedding song.

Alannah isn’t the only person who has stumbled upon the awesomeness of the “Star Wars” theme as a wedding song. Pianist James Wong posted a video on YouTube after a subscriber asked for a sample. If you’re having trouble selecting the right music for your wedding, visit James Wong’s YouTube channel for suggestions. James has recorded dozens of different songs for this purpose.

Alannah and her groom epically began their married life with “Star Wars” music as their wedding song. The couple didn’t take long to add to the population, as they welcomed Hallie Rose to the world in late May 2024.

You can follow Alannah on TikTok. She shares things about her life, including planning the wedding. With little Hallie on the scene, you can be sure you may also see her adding some parenting information. The young mom articulates her thoughts and feelings in a very relatable way.

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