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Star Quarterback Wins Homecoming King And Kneels To Hand Crown To Deserving Classmate.

quarterback kneels to present crown to student in black suit

In Texas, high school football is a way of life. The Friday night lights, big stadiums, good ole fashioned town rivalries, and homecomings bring out entire communities. But this year, one selfless quarterback did an unexpected act of chivalry at his homecoming game at Fossil Ridge High School in Keller that is going viral.

Max Akin is Fossil Ridge’s star quarterback, who not only knows how to play the game of football, but also models to his peers what it looks like to lift others up. Akin already had 200 passing yards, 60 rushing yards, and four touchdowns when he was crowned homecoming king at halftime, but Akin then completed a pass that was even more amazing.


Fossil Ridge’s team manager K.L. Norwood went head-to-head with Akin in the homecoming king race. Akin knew Norwood, who has cerebral palsy, was incredibly excited about being a nominee and was hoping for a win.

But the student’s voted and Max Akin was crowned king. But immediately after Akin was announced king, he decided to do something incredible. He hit his knee and presented the crown to a shocked Norwood. The crowd loved it and cheered and chanted K.L.’s name.


“I didn’t know when I would have the right time to do it,” Akin said. “But I saw K.L., came over and gave him a hug, and I knew that he wanted that crown more than anything.”

Akin said Norwood is a positive influence for the school and deserved the crown.

“I think it should’ve gone to the person who positively uplifts the school and everybody around him and that person is K.L., for sure,” Akin said.

“It was absolutely terrific,” K.L. said of the crown passing.


The head coach said that the two love each other and set an example for the team and school.

“Max — that’s just what he is, and that’s what our team is, too,” said Fossil Ridge Head Coach Tony Baccarini. “They love each other, and that’s why we’re successful.”

What an amazing duo!

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