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Stanley Cup Memes To Quench Your Thirst For Laughter.

Hilarious Stanley cup memes from TikTok.

Sometimes, memes explain more than a thousand word essay — especially when it comes to trends like Stanley cups and tumblers. If you’re not familiar with the craze, Stanley is a company that makes a variety of travel-friendly drinkware. Suddenly, everyone decided that they had to have one of these refillable bottles in every single color. In fact, people are willing to stand in line for hours on end just to obtain specialty versions of these travel mugs, according to USA Today.

Sure, hydration is important, but wouldn’t any brand of water bottle do the trick? Not if you’re on social media, where influencers are flexing their extensive Stanley collections. However, with any trend, there are always those who follow and those who make fun. Some of the memes that have been born out of the Stanley cup obsession are pretty hilarious! Here are our favorites.

1. A disclaimer for casual Stanley cup users:

While some people treat their Stanley collection like a religion, others really do just want to stay hydrated! However, it can be hard to convey a neutral stance on the viral travel cup.

2. If you thought everyone was talking about a different Stanley Cup, you’re not alone.

It’s a pretty confusing time for hockey fans. Maybe the NHL should consider changing the name of their trophy!

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