“Welcome To Middle Age.” 10 Tweets Tell It Like It Is.

Image shows bright headlights with a tweet about all lights being bright when you reach middle age.

Middle age isn’t a specific time frame. Some dictionaries define it as between age 40 and 60. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as “the period of life from about 45 to about 64.” Notice their use of the word “about.” Middle age is whatever you decide it to be. For most women, the signs are everywhere that you have reached this life milestone. We found some of those signs recorded in funny tweets by people who may not be properly prepared for these life changes.

1. Middle Age: Where Heartburn Becomes A Fact Of Life

Welcome to your 50s, water now gives you heartburn.
Image from X (Twitter).

Keep the Rolaids or Tums handy. Once your body reaches a certain age, anything may trigger heartburn.

2. Middle Age: Mystery Bruising Is A Constant

Today on Unsolved Middle age Mysteries: Where did this bruise come from?
Image from X (Twitter).

Just roll with it. You’re going to have bruises everywhere, and you’ll have no clue where they came from. Someone probably looked at you sharply. It’s OK, you get used to it.

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