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Squirrel Whisperer Transforms Her Home Into “The Wildlife Drive Through Window.”

A two-photo collage. The first shows a squirrel hesitantly checking out a charcuterie board full of fruits and nuts sat out on a window seal. The second photo shows a squirrel taking a nut out of someone's hand from a window. The squirrel is holding onto the human's finger with one hand.

While it’s common for folks to feed bird and squirrels in their backyards, few do it quite like this woman. Her YouTube account is called “Squirrels at the window,” and her videos are an absolute delight! Thanks to the time and effort she’s put into caring for the creatures outside of her home, she’s created a safe haven for so many.

“One day we threw an almond to a squirrel who was passing by our window and the next day that squirrel came up to our window looking for more food,” she wrote in her YouTube channel’s description. “Now, 4 years later, we have around 30 squirrels, chipmunks, rats, raccoons and different kinds of birds who come to our window. It’s becoming like one of my subscribers said ‘the wildlife drive through window.'”

This wholesome channel has over 200 videos for you to explore, but I’ve gathered five of my favorites for you to enjoy right now!

1. In addition to feeding squirrels, she’s also there to lend them an ear.

2. Getting fed a single piece of food? Amazing. Being presented with a whole charcuterie board full of fruits and nuts? Every squirrel’s dream.

3. This squirrel, quite literally, tossed the coconut she was offered to the side — but then she gave it a chance.

4. Ever wondered which type of nut is a squirrel’s favorite?

5. Cutie the squirrel has the best reaction when she’s excited about food.

Thanks to all the folks who view this woman’s content and sends in donations, she’s able to help these creatures out even more than she could if she were doing it alone. Not only are her videos fun to watch, but they’re helping others learn more about the creatures who live around them. Plus, it’s always encouraging to see someone treat animals with such genuine care.

You can find the sources of this story’s featured image here and here!

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