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Spoon POV: A Journey Through Dinnertime At A Wildlife Park

View of two lemurs on a rope from the perspective of someone holding out a spoon with food for them. One lemur is face-forward while the other is giving us a side view. The latter's eyes are wide as he opens his mouth to eat the food on the spoon.

Peak Wildlife Park in the UK has a lot of mouths to feed. From penguins and lemurs to kangaroo and zebras, there’s no shortage of adorable creatures at this wildlife park. Ensuring each of them are fed isn’t simple, of course, but it sure can be fun! In fact, one of the workers here recently came up with a brilliant way to turn feeding time into an adorable form of ASMR, all from the POV of a spoon.

Okay, so I should probably elaborate just a bit. To give viewers a unique view of their animals eating, someone recorded themselves feeding them with a spoon. What makes this video so unique, though, is our point of view. It really feels as though we’re holding onto the spoon ourselves!

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As you can see in the video, this angle gets viewers an up close and personal experience with these cute creatures. The visuals are amazing, but this closeness also allows us to hear their nibbles as they enjoy their food. How many ASMR videos have you seen like this?

“I love it when the lemurs eat directly off the spoon instead of using their hands,” someone in the comments writes.

Wildlife Park’s Video From a Spoon’s POV is a Massive Hit

View of two lemurs on a rope from the perspective of someone holding out a spoon with food for them. One lemur is reaching out and has a piece of food in their hand.

Just like that, folks from all around the world are in love with Peak Wildlife Park’s animals. In fact, there’s such a demand for more videos like this one, it seems that a part two has been confirmed!

“Tell all of your animals I love them,” one person requests.

“This is my new favorite kind of video!” another shares. “More please!!”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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