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Storks Celebrate Their First Egg Together With Hilarious Happy “Dance”

A mating pair of storks celebrate their first egg.

The celebration of these first-time stork parents when they see their new egg is hilarious. Most new parents celebrate the discovery of a coming birth, but we rarely see such exuberance in the animal kingdom. Laying eggs, the hatching, rearing, and eventual fledging of young birds are all part of nature. In old wives’ tales, storks carry human babies to expectant families. That thought makes this video even more hilarious as these storks welcome their new egg into the world.

Storks are monogamous and mate for life. Most storks start breeding at around four years old, although they can begin as early as two. Once they find a suitable nesting area, mated couples return to the same nest every year. Some records prove that some nests have been used consistently for more than 100 years. In the wild, storks live an average of 22 years; in captivity, their lifespan can be as long as 35 years. A breeding couple can have one to seven eggs per season, with most couples having around four hatchlings yearly.

Both storks had a wonderful and hilarious reaction when the new mama laid the egg.

Image shows a pair of storks seeing their first egg in the nest.
Image from Facebook.

Once the silly pair determined they had an egg in the nest, they began singing. They made a clicking noise by clacking their beak together quickly. Both storks celebrated the egg in sync. As they sang their song of happiness, their heads rose in unison. They began stretching their necks, then laid their heads back. The clicking intensified as the celebration reached a peak. As the song and dance ended, the two returned their gaze to the miraculous egg.

Inspiration From A Stork Egg

If you know any expectant parents, please join them in their happy dance. It is inspiring to see how this stork couple celebrates the arrival of their first egg. They took the opportunity to “dance like no one was watching.” But we were watching. We aren’t sure if the new stork parents repeat this little song and dance for each egg. We can say that this couple seems overjoyed with their first egg, though.

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