Spicy Little Feral Kitten Hisses At First, But Just Can’t Resist Mom’s Love.

feral kitten

Moonpie the feral kitten was not happy with his humans when they made him spend some time locked in a bathroom, but his anger was no match for headscratches.

An organization called For the Love of Kitten Rescue saved little Moonpie from the streets late last year. Before he could find a forever home, he had to have a stay in a foster home where he could get proper medical attention and love.

Angry kitten

When he first moved into the foster home, he had to quarantine in a spare bathroom. Other cats and kittens also lived in the house, so the owners needed to be sure didn’t spread any parasites or viruses around.

After having full reign of the outdoors, Moonpie was understandably a little frustrated with quarantine, and he made certain that his human captors knew that. But he couldn’t stay mad long because those captors handed out the best pets!

Loves the pets

One day, Moonpie’s foster mom caught the furry gray friend’s attitude on camera. As she walked into the bathroom to give him some attention, he meowed the grumpiest of meows. But the second she reached out her hand, he wasted no time going in for some love.

Adorable Feral Kitten Shows Some Attitude

The kitten rubbed his fuzzy little head all over his mom’s hand and leaned in to back scratches. But he wasn’t ready to forgive, and he proved that when she took her hand away and had a little conversation with him.

kitten with a "how dare you" face

“Are you sorry, do you apologize?” asked his mom. Astonished that she thought he was the one at fault, the kitten proved he was still a little feral at heart and gave her a big hiss in response.

Moonpie’s big personality and cute face served him well. According to the caption, he moved out of the bathroom after his two-week sentence and roamed the house. Not long after, he found an adoptive family, where he remains while “living his best life.”

Watch the fiesty feline hand out some adorable audacity below!

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