“Pregnant” Cat Sparks Epic Drama Between Neighbors — With A Hilarious Twist!

A large, white cat named Guddu sits on a floor and looks down.

Some stories are simply too good to not share with as many people as possible. This is one of them. A person who goes by dnzele on Twitter shares the story, and it’s quite the rollercoaster. It starts when him and his family come to the conclusion that their cat, Guddu, is pregnant. She’s quite young — that’s why she hasn’t been neutered yet.


Dnzele’s parents believe that their neighbor’s cat, Kanna, is the father. They decide to let the neighbor know, but having this discussion is not so simple. And this is where this hilarious story truly begins.

1. First Update

While Mom thinks they should keep half of the litter and give the other half to their neighbor, Dad wants to ask for child support. In the end, Dad wins.

Tweet from dnzele:

update 1:

Dad is practicing what to say to the neighbor, I keep hearing "hello [name] how are you doing? We need to talk about Guddu (our cat) and Kanna (his cat)" over and over again and he keeps stuttering also.

I see where I get my social awkwardness from.

2. Second Update

Meanwhile, Mom lectures Guddu on her behavior, insisting she learn that “all men are like this” and that Kanna “won’t bother about you or the child.”

Tweet from dnzele:

Mom: "that boy has been roaming here and sight-adichifying our girl for months now"
looks to cat
"you're too young to do all this, you had a future…."

Dad: "no point scolding her [mum's name], we need to go talk to [neighbour's name] least he can do is pay for food."

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