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Girls Start Dancing In Terminal, Then Mom Notices Airport Worker Boogieing On Tarmac.

It’s always a challenge to keep kids happy and occupied during the “waiting” process of traveling away from home. Luckily, sometimes a kind stranger comes along and makes your job as a parent just a little bit easier.

During a layover at Love Field airport in Dallas, Texas, one airline employee took it upon themselves to entertain a couple of cute little girls who were waiting for their flight. The girls’ dad uploaded the video to Facebook, and it’s now going viral because it’s just too cute not to share!


Joe Vaughn and his family were waiting for their Southwest Airlines flight home to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma one Friday night when he noticed his two young daughters dancing at the window.


When Joe glanced out the window, he was astonished to see an airport worker, decked out in a bright orange safety vest and winter hat, leading his girls in an impromptu dance off.


The girls imitated everything the worker did; they pretended to be airplanes with their arms outstretched, then they moved on to “going down an escalator” and that perennial wedding favorite, “The Chicken Dance.”


What a sweet thing for this employee to do! The girls clearly loved interacting with them, and it just goes to show you that if you have fun in life, there will always be someone there who’s willing to join in!

Watch the video below, and be sure to share to make someone smile today!

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