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Auditorium Goes Wild When Teacher Schools Student In Epic Dance Battle.

Here’s a great reminder to never judge a book by its cover!

In the video below, a student and a young teacher engage in some serious business: a dance battle! The story goes that the¬†confident student challenged his teacher to a dance-off on stage at a talent show. The only thing is, he clearly had no idea what he was getting himself into… and quickly lived to regret his decision.


The young man in the white hoodie no doubt has some impressive moves of his own… but the second his teacher steps up to the plate, the crowd goes wild for his unexpected talent.


Immediately, the kid knows he’s got to break out the big guns. He doesn’t let his teacher’s swag shake his confidence as he pops and locks all over the stage, even busting out a split like it’s no big deal.


But Teacher did NOT come to play! He came to win this dance battle!


He manages to make “the robot” look hip again.¬†How in the world does he even do that? This moment will go down in this school’s history as the day when a teacher dropped some serious knowledge on a student, all without ever cracking open a book. Way to go, Teach!

Watch the video below, and be sure to share it with someone who thinks their dance moves are all that.

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