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“You Scare Me Sometimes.” Son Confesses Fears To Mom — She Has The Best Response.

Mom shocked to hear son finds her scary at times

It’s never easy to hear criticism about your behavior, especially when it comes from your children.

TikTok content creator Samantha was recently blindsided by a truth bomb from her young son. He was engaged in playing a video game and must have felt comfortable opening up to her, because, without taking his eyes from the game, he told her this: “Can I tell you something that you might find quite surprising? I do sometimes fear you.”


He reiterated later: “I know this might be a little shocking, but I do sometimes actually find you a little scary.”

Hats off to Samantha, whose response was incredibly calm and respectful. After hearing his explanation, she apologized to her son for his experience, and asked him to “call it out” when it happens so that she can “understand what behaviors I’m not doing a good job mitigating.”

“I’m literally shocked,” she concluded. “Thank you for sharing that.”

Mom and son continued talking about their reactions to stressful situations for a few more minutes, and it’s such a beautiful example of the kind of open and close relationships we can enjoy if we respect and try to understand each other instead of just getting mad.

Watch the video below, and don’t forget to share this example of gentle parenting in action.


For us fear does not equate respect. It’s a dynamic we worked not to be in our parent child relationship but it creeped in nonetheless.

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