We’re Obsessed With This 5-Yr-Old Who Won’t Stop Dressing Like Eleanor Roosevelt.

Liz Hewitt and daughter Essie dressed as Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s totally normal for kids to learn about someone or something and get a little bit obsessed with it.


For some kids, it’s a celebrity, or something simple like trains or Minecraft. For others, it’s historical figures they learned about in school. Most of these are just passing fancies, but every once in a while an interest lasts. And lasts. And lasts!

Liz Hewett of Atlanta, Georgia recently went viral on TikTok after sharing her 5-year-old daughter’s latest celebrity “crush.” It all started on President’s Day, when the kindergartner’s teachers taught a lesson that involved dressing up as notable historical figures. Essie Hewett chose Eleanor Roosevelt, the long-serving first lady of the United States known for her humanitarian efforts.

“My 5-year-old was Eleanor Roosevelt for the President’s Day thing at school, and ever since she put on that costume, she has not taken it off,” Liz said in the video, which has been viewed a few million times.

Liz further confides that Essie has become so into the former first lady, she has asked for an Eleanor Roosevelt-themed birthday party, a stuffed doll to sleep with at night, and, get this, she asked her family to refer to her as “Your Ladyship.”

The internet was instantly smitten! When Liz continued to share hilarious videos of her daughter in full Eleanor mode, their popularity grew even more.

“She uses this certain voice, and she calls me her ‘dear child,'” Liz told TODAY.

While this seems like unusual behavior, Liz is pretty used to it. It turns out, Essie is a very proud American who can sometimes be heard singing patriotic songs to herself around the house.

Incredibly, after Essie’s passion for Her Ladyship went viral, an Etsy shop delivered with a real Eleanor Roosevelt doll, made just for Eleanor’s biggest fan!


THANK YOU @tobeytimecrochet – yall check out her Etsy shop, this doll is AMAZING

♬ What Dreams Are Made Of – Brent Morgan

Liz has received a lot of praise for encouraging a love of history in her daughter, but she gives all of the credit to Essie’s teachers.

“It just shows that they are important in her life and that’s how important teachers are,” she said. “People have been saying that I’m a good mom for letting her do this. But it’s not about me being a good mom. It’s about how good teachers are and how they know how important it is for little girls and boys to learn about these people, and I hope they know that we appreciate them a lot.”

Journalist Katie Couric even posted Essie on her Instagram page!

It’s fantastic to see Mrs. Roosevelt’s accomplishments honored in today’s day and age, and we think Essie is really pulling that look off!

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