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Someone Adopt This Dancing Cat With A “Penchant For Mischief” Before We Do.

a two-photo collage. the first is of moxy staring from behind his room at lollypop farm. the second is of moxy dancing from that same room, paw in the air as he moves.

Every feline comes equipped with a healthy dose of “cattitude,” but some seem to have a double dose – Moxy is one of them.

This 4-year-old tuxedo kitty with a big personality was surrendered by his owners to Lollypop Farm, an animal rescue in Fairport, New York, in early May 2022. He’s been not-so-patiently waiting for his forever home ever since.

“Mr. Moxy is a handsome, larger gentleman with a fluffy coat and a penchant for mischief,” the shelter wrote in his description.

They go on to explain that Moxy came to Lollypop because he played too roughly with his humans. While he starts off shy, once he warms up to people, he comes out of his shell in a big way.

“When he decides he loves you, he really really loves you,” they continued. “He loves to sit on laps and get sweet cheek rubs, explore (once he’s comfortable, of course,) chomp on cat grass, and stick that cute little tongue out.”

Now that he’s all settled in at the shelter, Moxy craves attention from everyone who enters the building. Even the way he stares intently at people through the window demands they acknowledge him right meow!

Recently, however, Moxy has upped his game to a truly impressive, and adorable, level. Instead of merely staring at people, he now does a funny little “dance” whenever anyone walks past his kitty condo. He stands up on his hind feet and scratches at the glass with his front paws, eventually tilting his body left and right as he gets into his grove.

Lollypop Farms shared a video of Moxy doing his little dance set to Abba’s “Dancing Queen” on TikTok. The clip is rapidly going viral, so let’s hope his dancing skills get him noticed by the perfect human soon!


Moxy is a Dancing Queen 👑 or he just really wants breakfast 😆

♬ Dancing Queen – ABBA

Moxy seems very dialed-in with humans. Lollypop has also shared videos of him running down the hallway when someone calls his name, and it’s too cute for words! His bushy little tail is pointing straight up as he rushes forward in search of cheek rubs and head scratches.

This big 15-pound boy is looking for a cat-savvy home with no children. If you happen to have a window seat for bird-watching, he’d be in absolute heaven!

Somebody please adopt this sweet boy! His personality is so big, we just know he’ll make someone very, very happy. Who wouldn’t want a dancing cat?

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