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Error 404: Cat Not Found! These 15 Fantastic Felines Seem To Have Stopped Working.

If there’s one thing you can always count on, it’s a cat’s ability to be unpredictable!

Cats are just a different breed of companion animal. Dogs want to please and be close to their humans at all times, but cats? Not so much. The Instagram page cat_virus.exe features cats that appear to have crashed like a computer infected with a virus. They were just doing cat stuff when suddenly, an error message popped up in an approximation of your PC’s “blue screen of death!”

1. Lightning in a bottle is nothing compared to… whatever this is.

2. This cat is not amused by your liberal use of googly eyes (but we are!).

3. Somebody skipped the ab workout at the gym today.

4. “What do you mean we’re out of coffee?”

5. We, too, prefer our cats to be perfectly egg-shaped.

6. He will high-five you, but he will not enjoy doing so at all.

7. He’s gone full loaf. Never go full loaf!

8. We’re not sure what you did to deserve this look, but we recommend you sleep with one eye open tonight.

9. Kitten’s sploot game is already strong.

10. When it’s still a few hours away from dinner time, but you’re already starving.

11. Do you like French fries, or do you LOVE them?

12. Just stretching the toe beans. Ahhhh, that’s the stuff.

13. Nice pantaloons, bud.

14. He’s not sure who that portly fellow is in the mirror, but he could stand to lose a few.

15. “Thbbbbttttttt.”

We’re not computer software experts, but we definitely think these kitties need to be rebooted or something. Should we turn them off and then turn them back on? Please advise.

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