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Softball Coach Slapped Girl’s Backside, So Protective Dad Got Genius Revenge.

Parents are inherently protective of their children – shielding them from all sorts of evils: bullies, bad news, and heartbreak.

And though moms are often given the most credit for protecting their kin, one very memorable super-dad Brian Mills from the movie Taken, said this, “I … have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.” It just goes to show, while many dads are considered the more “passive parent,” a great father will do anything to protect his child

While a recent story posted by an anonymous dad on Reddit isn’t necessarily on the same level as Taken, it does show the lengths dads are willing to go for their little girls.

The Pennsylvania dad is very involved in both his daughters’ softball teams. He was even the secretary of the town’s Softball Booster Club. “Normally I would head coach my older daughter’s team and be a ‘dugout dad’ for my younger one,” but decided to take the year off to enjoy the games from the stands.


Just a few games into the season, though, he noticed something odd – one of his daughter’s coaches, Steve, was being overly friendly with the girls.


At first, the dad brushed it off, chalking it up to his over-protective nature. A few games later, though, he saw something that stopped him in his tracks. As his daughter hit a ball deep into the outfield and ran to third, “Steve as the 3rd base coach leans up to her, says something, and smacks her on her butt.”


“Well I may be over protective,” he wrote in his Reddit post, “but I’m not cool with that.” After the game, he congratulated his daughter and walked over to Steve. He tells him “that’s not OK with me, and please don’t do it again. He agrees.”

But that wasn’t the end of it.


Just two games later, Steve did the same exact thing to the Pennsylvania father’s daughter! “As a boisterous parent, I yell, ‘Steve!’ When he looks over, I shake my head no.” Steve nods, but that also wasn’t the end of it.

Steve went on to spread lies about the dad to the community and turned parents and administrators against him.

What Steve didn’t know was that the dad had dirt on him. “Steve and his daughter also run the Civic Center and Little League, and rumor is that they’ve been skimming from them for over a decade.”


When the Softball Booster Club opted not to donate money to the Civic Center and Little League, Steve blew up: “As he’s storming out [of the meeting], he says verbatim ‘and your kids … suck at softball.'”

That was the last straw.

“So I did what any rational parent would do and wrote an anonymous letter to the FBI. I included everything, ledger statements, dates and missing receipts. It took 3 months of the FBI raiding all of our local charitable organizations in our town, but they charged Steve, his daughter and son. Over $80,000 between the three of them.”


You go, dad!

While this dad easily could have avoided confrontation or shrugged off something that made his child uncomfortable, he took action to protect his daughter and– in the end– ended up standing up for his community, too!

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