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15 Cathletes Who Fly Through The Air With Ease — Most Of The Time

cats flying through air

Of all the things we love about cats (and there are plenty of them!), we love their easy athleticism the most.

In the wild, cats are naturally graceful, sleek predators who hunt using a combination of stealth and wit. Domestic felines may not have to hunt for their dinner, but those instincts are still on full display. For example, have you ever seen a cat launch themselves through the air like a furry missile? They make it look so easy!

1. This cat looks like he’s on the losing end of a slow-motion fistfight.

2. He believed he could fly, and what do you know? He was right!

3. Just doing a bit of improv. Ask him anything; he’ll say yes!

4. That cat toy never stood a chance.

5. If you look up the word “pounce” in a dictionary, this picture should appear.

6. Head up, eyes forward, perfect form – we give her a 10.

7. She’s taking shadow puppets to a whole new level.

8. It’s a good thing they always land on their feet.

9. Maybe he’s made out of rubber and springs, like Tigger?

10. If you’re going to defy gravity, go all the way.

11. Boing! Boing! Boing!

12. He’s still hoping to be recruited to the NFL any day now!

13. What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? Nope! Just a cat.

14. Bengals are so athletic, they make regular cats look lazy.

15. “I must go! My people need me.”

To all the doubters who thought cats can’t fly, we hope we’ve made believers of you. Cats… is there anything they can’t do?

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