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“Snow White” Husband Unexpectedly Brings Home An Adorable Woodland Friend.

Close up of a man standing at a door as a squirrel rests on his arm.

When you take a dog for a walk, you never know what they’ll discover. On this particular walk for Rachel Azzolini’s husband, however, he was the one to notice something unusual. A little squirrel, who had taken notice of their dog, tried to climb up a nearby tree for safety — but it struggled to do so.

This captured the attention of Rachel’s husband who, after noticing the poor guy, couldn’t bear to leave them alone. So instead, he brought the squirrel back home… much to his wife’s surprise. As soon as her husband walked in with a squirrel on his arm at only 6 a.m., she knew she had to capture this moment so that others could appreciate it, too.

“Apparently I married Snow White’s long lost brother,” Rachel said on TikTok.

Watch Rachel and her husband’s hilarious conversation in the video below.


Apparently I married snow whites long lost brother

♬ original sound – Rachel Azzolini

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