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Snow Days Aren’t Just For Kids: Pandas Play In The Snow In Adorable Video.

A cute panda playing outside in the snow.

Did you know that pandas love playing in the snow? A video from Qinling Giant Panda Research Center shows these animals frolicking in winter weather like excited children. They don’t seem to mind the cold at all as they prance around in the snow! ABC News shared the adorable footage on Instagram, where it’s been going viral. It looks like people can’t get enough of these sweet pandas enjoying their snow day!

Even though these animals aren’t getting a day off from school, they seem to be having a pretty good time. With all the climbing and rolling around they’re doing, they’ll probably be exhausted afterward! It probably helps that they have plenty of trees to snack on to keep their energy up.

Doesn’t seeing these wild animals at play remind you of how much fun it was to go out into the snow as a kid? Next time you’re clearing off your car or shoveling your driveway, remember that somewhere out there, the fresh snow is probably making some pandas (and some human children) very happy.

A cute panda playing outside in the snow.
Screengrab from Instagram

If you think pandas are cute when they play in the snow, you should see what happens when you let the dogs out on a winter day!

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