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Snow Much Fun! 15 Dogs Having A Blast In The Best Winter Weather.

black dog biting snowflakes and white dog smiling in snow bank

Humans have a very love-hate relationship with snow. Either we love it and can’t wait to get outside to play in it, or we hate it and count the days until springtime!

Dogs, however, aren’t nearly as picky about the weather. In fact, most dogs seem to love the snow, especially when there are snowballs involved. There’s nothing cuter than seeing a dog come to life when the white stuff starts to fall. They seem to smile with their whole bodies, don’t they?

1. Labs love water, even if it happens to be in snowflake form.

2. This cute doggo has never met a snowball he don’t want to chomp.

3. Cold? Him? Nah, he’s not cold. He’s loving life!

4. We don’t think these two can even see with all that snow and hair in their eyes, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

5. Snow is always something to howl about when you hang out with these three.

6. He’s got his winter jacket on and energy to burn. Let’s gooo!

7. Mlem mlem mlem… This snow tastes great!

8. He’s just a pupper, but he already thinks snow is pretty awesome.

9. Happiness is a black lab catching snowflakes on his tongue.

10. Or catching them with his whole face. Either way.

11. These guys are happiest when they’re mushing. The deeper the snow, the better!

12. How high can he jump? Depends on where you throw the snowball.

13. He found the only patch of snow in town, and he’s not sharing.

14. Whatever this creature is, it seems to like snow too.

15. “Forget this! I’m going inside.” – This dog.

We love snow dogs, but if you need us, we’ll be inside curled up with the “inside” dogs. That’s way more our speed!

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