Smart Beyond Belief: Golden Retriever Learning To Read As Part Of Service Dog Training.

Golden retriever service dog learning to read.

Service dog training for a golden retriever can be intense. Most dogs begin training at around six months; the initial training takes around two years. Refresher training is continuous for the entirety of their service period. When selecting a service dog, trainers will look for certain traits. The dog must be obedient, calm, and able to maintain focus among distractions. Gentle-natured dogs often make great service companions.

While dogs understand many spoken words, some trainers also work to teach dogs visual word recognition. Such is the case with our video today, which shows a trainer teaching a golden retriever how to “read.” Word recognition is important because a seeing-eye dog may need to have the ability to “read” signs.

A golden retriever service dog learning to "read" common words. Word recognition is an integral part of their highly specialized training.
Image from TikTok.

Our featured video shows a trainer going over basic commands with her pupil. Other phrases a reading dog may learn can include words such as “Walk,” “Don’t Walk,” “Exit,” “Caution,” and many common signs we may see everywhere. Dogs may also be able to recognize the universal symbols for “Rest Rooms,” “Male,” and “Female” in order to assist their owner. Watch this super-smart golden retriever during one of his reading lessons.


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As you can see, he doesn’t quite have all his words figured out yet. Because training is an ongoing process, the trainer will continue working with him. This will ensure that when he is assigned, he will perform his duties with confidence and accuracy.

What Tasks Can A Golden Retriever Service Dog Perform?

Service dogs all have exceptional abilities. They can be useful in aiding people with disabilities such as impaired vision and hearing, mobility challenges, emotional and psychological disabilities, and medical issues such as diabetes or heart conditions. Emotional support service dogs receive training to calm people who suffer from PTSD or other anxiety problems. The range of services is almost endless and depends on the training and the ability of each individual dog. Charlotte, the golden retriever, was hired at Lowe’s with her person!

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