“Sit Here If You’re Having A Bad Day.” Musician Turns Stranger’s Day Around In Seconds.

Musician Forrest Frank plays "Good Day" for a stranger.

Bad moods are no match for musician Forrest Frank! In a heartwarming Instagram video, this creative songwriter made it his mission to cheer up passersby with his original tune, “Good Day.” He set up an audio station at a picnic table with a sign that read, “Sit here if you’re having a bad day.” It wasn’t long before a stranger came along in need of some encouragement.

A man walked up to the picnic table and seated himself across from Forrest Frank, putting on a pair of provided headphones. That’s when the young musician started doing his thing. He began with a peppy beat, followed by an uplifting melody on the keyboard. Then, he began to sing “Good Day,” a song he’d written about things to be grateful for.

After listing to Forrest Frank’s positive music, the stranger’s mood was visibly improved.

“I needed that,” he told the singer, offering a fist bump. “Thank you, bro.”

Musician Forrest Frank plays "Good Day" for a stranger.
Screengrab from Instagram

Commenters loved the musician’s video, and many were eager to see more like it!

“Do more of these please, so inspiring,” wrote one user.

Another added, “This better become a new trend!!”

Sometimes, we all need a little reminder to stop and appreciate the good things in our lives. Forrest Frank is making such an impact with his uplifting song, “Good Day.”

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