4 Incredible Green Flags From Wonderful People To Brighten Your Day

A two-photo collage. The first photo shows a man running from a distance, a massive green flag waving in the air as they run with it. The second photo shows a man pouring orange juice from a measuring cup into a store-bought bottle of orange juice through a funnel. Text on the image reads: My Dad straining the pulp out of the orange juice because he accidentally bought my mom the wrong kind.

None of us are perfect. Still, it can be important to watch out for particularly concerning traits or behaviors in the folks we choose to let into our lives, whether that person be a romantic partner, friend, or even a family member. These signs are often called “red flags.” In other words, behaviors like gaslighting, anger issues, and lying. But have you ever heard of green flags?


Unlike red flags, any green flags a person exhibits are signs that they’re a trusting, safe person. The conversation of red and green flags is frequently discussed online, and it’s one that Dustin Poynter often leads. To demonstrate what these flags look like in real life, he reacts to videos online, deeming them red or green. Keep scrolling to appreciate the wholesome green flags he’s come across.

1. When this person’s little sister went through a tough breakup, their husband found a therapeutic way for her to let out her emotions.

@dustinpoynter WE ALL NEED A VICTOR IN OUR LIVES! GREEN FLAG ALERT! 💚 #boyfriend #couplegoals #relationships #fypシ #trending #viral ♬ original sound – Dustin Poynter

2. This man won’t let his wife settle for orange juice with pulp! After getting the wrong kind on accident, he takes the time to strain the pulp out himself.

Truly the definition of green flag behavior.

@dustinpoynter MAJOR GREEN FLAG ALERT 💚 #greenflags #greenflag #dadsoftiktok #funny #fyp #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound – Dustin Poynter

3. This woman plays a creepy voicemail to see how her brothers will react.

This very real voicemail (which is the biggest red flag, by the way) is being used by women to see how folks in their lives will react. It’s safe to say these brothers passed the green-flag test.

@dustinpoynter RED AND GREEN FLAGS IN ONE VID! 🚩☘️ Context 👉 For those who don't know, this audio is from an actual voicemail that someone received after a first date, but it's become a trend to use this sound and trick family/friends with it. That's what's going on in this video. These fellas think she really got this voicemail, and lemon drop is absolutely ready to go to battle. If you wanna see the OG, search "dimitri voicemail original video" #creepy #firstdate #relationship #foryou #viral #trending ♬ original sound – Dustin Poynter

4. This Dad is so thrilled over giving out full-size candy bars on Halloween, but it seems that nobody is going to show up…

Luckily, Dustin has an update to share!

@dustinpoynter LETS ALL CLAP FOR THIS GREAT DAD 💚 #dadsoftiktok #dad #greenflag #fyp #viral #trending ♬ original sound – Dustin Poynter

Dustin’s videos are humorous, of course, but they’re actually quite helpful, too. They serve as great reminders that we each deserve to be treated with love and respect — and to do what we can to be “green flags” for the folks in our lives, too.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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