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Single Mother Of 4 Can’t Afford Groceries, That’s When The Man Behind Her Stuns Her With Kindness

Man pays for woman's groceries

If you saw someone in need, someone struggling, what would you do? If you had the means to help them, would you? Those questions were put to the test during this episode of the hidden camera show, Primetime: What Would You Do? And the results were very moving.  The scene for this edition of the show is set at Mattson’s Market in Burlington Township, New Jersey. An actress plays the role of a single mother of 4, who is trying to buy groceries on food stamps.

As the cashier is trying to process the payment, she tells the woman that her food stamps didn’t go through and that she has insufficient funds. The responses of the other customers are totally moving. Then they try the experiment with a different actress. The results are the same; one after another, people stop to help the What Would You Do actresses. They readily dish out their own money to come to this struggling mother’s aid.

It’s amazing to see how much support these actresses  receive from strangers. But one man’s response stunned us the most. The man counts just enough money to cover his own groceries, then he stuffs her pocket with the rest of the cash in his wallet. It’s truly beautiful to witness!

This is such an incredible message. As one woman says, “We need to believe that there is hope and that there are good people in this world.” Will you remember this the next time you have the opportunity to help someone in need?

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