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Singing The Song Of Their People — Huskies Who Cannot Hold In Their Howl Any Longer!

Huskies singing for their supper.

Huskies are very vocal. You can carry on an entire conversation with them. They will answer with moans, grunts, and little yips. Sometimes, they seem to form words. A whining husky might yip-howl, “M-o-o-om-m-m-m-m” if you’re asking them to do something they don’t want to. They are also famous for their “singing.” We found some of the best vocalists on the circuit for your listening pleasure. We offered them recording contracts, but they all wanted unlimited treat budgets and we couldn’t meet their demands.

1. Harmonizing With Max And Apache

This duet of singing huskies is offkey and ear-splitting, but they practice daily!

2. Listen To Range On This One!

Most huskies don’t have much in the way of volume control. They have two settings: loud and louder. But this fine vocalist displays a depth of range and control that would make Adele jealous! His owner is playing accompaniment on the piano.

Husky singing along to the song
byu/PleaseDonatePot inFunnyAnimals

3. Tehya’s Siren Song Won’t Lure You In

Some huskies scream while others lay down melodious and almost understandable vocalizations. Tehya is more of an annoying siren. Unlike the myths, this siren can’t trap you unless you can’t open the door in time for your escape.

4. This Husky Trio Loves Their Human Sister

The sister? Yeah, she isn’t all that thrilled with her welcome home chorus when these three huskies sing.

5. Harmonizing With A Harmonica

Shiloh and Shelby make wonderful music together.

If you have ever spent time around huskies, you know how vocal they can be. Sometimes, I think they might have some human toddler DNA. They whine, talk back, and will argue if you tell them to do something. If you are sensitive to sounds, don’t ever get a husky. However, if you want a loyal companion, they could be a perfect fit. Huskies are intelligent, fairly easy to train, and will love you forever.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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