Husky And Chihuahua Get In The Cutest Argument Ever.

husky and chihuahua

Do you know what happens when a big dog steals the bone from a small dog? The most hilarious husky and chihuahua argument of all time, that’s what.

Huskies and chihuahuas both have reputations as being extremely… vocal.

Husky and Chihuahua argue
This image is from TikTok.

Chihuahuas are the yippiest little dogs on Earth and huskies have a reputation for being exceptional singers.

Skye the Husky stole Evie the Chihuahua’s bone and Evie wasn’t going down without a fight! Check out this husky vs. chihuahua argument below!

Evie yipped and yapped at Skye, receiving a seriously surprised and annoyed face from Skye the Husky. What do you think happens when you steal someone else’s bone, Skye?

“You have two outspoken souls there,” commented one viewer, noticing the extroverted pups in action.

“He’s saying, ‘I CAN’T HeeaAaar YOU,'” suggested another fan.

These two dogs are hilarious siblings with a big online audience. Hundreds of thousands of people enjoy watching these puppies in action!

Their mom, Laura, shares all sorts of puppy shenanigans online. Did you know Skye is a Swiftie?

Enjoy taking a scroll through these pup’s videos. This husky and chihuahua are seriously precious and hilarious, even when they’re in an argument!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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