Simon Cowell Does His Best To Keep A Straight Face During Silly Shadow Act.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a close up of Simon Cowell. He's making a shocked expression. The second photo shows the shadow of Simon Cowell and Shadow Ace's shadow puppet holding up a box with a ring in it.

When bullied in high school, Shadow Ace found solace through the art of hand-shadow puppetry. Now, Shadow Ace is pulling off incredible performances on AGT with the help of Simon Cowell. But before he got to this point, this talented young man from the Philippines needed to overcome his lack of confidence.


When he first started to perform for others, he’d hide behind white fabric so the audience couldn’t see him. Then, with time, he became more and more brave. Finally, he was able to enter competitions like AGT, which got him third place. Now, he’s back for AGT: Fantasy League. He’s on Team Howie Mandel, but for his latest performance, Cowell took to the stage.

Simon Cowell Joins Shadow Ace for Hilarious Semi-Final AGT Performance

Although Cowell’s part was simple — all he had to do, really, was stand still as Shadow Ace worked his magic — his addition makes the impressive performance all the more hilarious.

That’s because, as the AGT judge stood there, Shadow Ace and his shadow puppet friends were up to all sorts of silly shenanigans, oftentimes getting Cowell involved… well, he tried at least!

“I actually think when you’re up there closer, you realize how clever this act is,” Cowell admits. “I mean, you’re really unique.”

View of Shadow Ace's performance on "AGT." His shadow puppet is holding a mic up to the shadow of Simon Cowell.

It seems that Shadow Ace has won over both the judges and audience. Best of all, he’s happy to share just how much his confidence has grown over the years.

“You know, guys, this talent really helped me,” Shadow Ace says when asked how he feels. “Mom, I’m confident now. I’m here now.”

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