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Simon Cowell Calls This Gravity-Defying Act “Close To Perfection,” And We Agree!

The Bello Sisters perform on AGT

There’s flexible… and then there’s Bello Sisters-flexible!

We first met the Bello Sisters when they competed on season 15 of “America’s Got Talent” in 2020. The acrobatic act impressed the judges away and made it to the top 10, but they were stymied by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unable to compete in person, they spent the next two years practicing and pushing their boundaries in hopes of returning.

They’re back! All of the hard work was worth it, because Loren, Celine, and Joline Bello returned to the AGT stage for the All-Stars 2023.

This time, they’re performing gravity-defying stunts that make us cringe, but we can’t take our eyes off them! We don’t know how they can bend the way they do, but color us impressed!

Watch the performance Simon Cowell called “close to perfection” below, and don’t forget to share.

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