Limbo Champion Drops Jaws And Defies Gravity With World Record-Setting Skills.

Shemika Campbell shows off impressive limbo skills while holding two trays of drinks

How low can you go?

If you’re like most of us, the answer is… not very. But if you happen to be a world record holder like Shemika Campbell, the answer is lower than 12 inches from the ground, sometimes while holding trays of beverages in her hands or balancing a full bottle on her forehead.

Yes, she is that good!

Shemika currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and works as a performer at a club called Opium. At work, she stuns audiences with her incredible limbo skills, lying practically horizontal on her back and using only her feet to propel her body forward. Perhaps the most impressive part is watching her unfurl her body to stand upright afterwards.

Honestly, our spins are creaking just thinking about it!

If you’re wondering how Shemika got so good at limboing, she’ll tell you it’s a lifelong practice that requires discipline and a ton of physical fitness.

“The first time I limboed was around the age of eight,” she told GMA. “I’m originally from Trinidad and Tobago, which is where Limbo originated. I grew up in my family band, performing limbo, and I started training professionally at the age of 14.”

To get in shape, Shemika practices exercises called “limbo crawls.” These difficult positions enabled her to get comfortable lying flat and using only her feet to move. Over time, she gained the core strength to raise herself up off the floor. All of that hard work has paid off. Not only does she make her living through limbo, she has also set three Guinness World Records for limbo!

“Limbo has been my life,” Shemika said.

Everyone who sees her perform has to pick their jaw up from the floor. She recently had the pleasure of performing for Usher on his birthday, and the artist behind “Yeah!” was awestruck by her skills!

“Performing for Usher was surreal,” she said afterwards. “You could really see him appreciate it. It was on another level.”

Shemika says she loves the challenge of limbo, and says the secret to being really good at it is “persistence.” We think it might take a bit more than that for us, but you go, girl!

Watch one more impressive video of Shemika’s skills below, and don’t forget to share.

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