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Silly Ravens Get Their Goof On Playing In The Snow Together.

Ravens playing in the snow sliding down a slight hill.

Although most birds migrate south to avoid snowy weather, ravens actually enjoy playing in the snow! There are more than 42 species of crows and ravens, and all of them are incredibly smart. When sliding on a snow-covered roof, one raven used a lid as a makeshift sled. He slid down, standing on the lid, then picked it up in his beak and flew back to the roof peak to slide again. You might consider that a fluke, but the bird repeated the process several times.

Ravens have been known to have snowball fights, although they probably aren’t as intense as your childhood memories. Mostly, they fight for possession of a snowball. Ravens may seem to be rooting around for food, but they often poke around in the snow, looking for the perfect snowball.

Ravens playing in the snow.
Image from Facebook.

Researchers have noted that ravens and crows most often play in the snow during periods of lower visibility. This appears to be the case in our selected video clip. Ravens will also use snow to bathe, which might be why you see them roll around. Watching the clip, it seems they are more interested in playing than bathing.

Playing in the snow, one bird rolls, then slides down the slight incline.
Image from Facebook.

The video shows three ravens playing in the snow, rolling and pecking at one another playfully. They roll and slide down the small incline, then fly back up to slide down again. Their interactions are brief, but they clearly seem to enjoy one another’s company. Who needs a winter coat?

The person who posted this video for our enjoyment is June Hunter. While crows and ravens interest many of us, June is a dedicated enthusiast. She photographs and takes videos of the birds regularly, posting them on Facebook and on her blog. You can find more information on June and these marvelous birds at The Urban Nature Enthusiast. If you enjoyed these ravens playing in the snow, please share this.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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