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Hairless Hamster Was Left By Family & Shivering With Cold, So Vet Comes Up With Adorable Solution.

little hairless hamster

Silky the Hamster is as cute as can be, but she doesn’t share the fluffy nature of her brothers and sisters. A genetic mutation caused Silky to be born without any hair. Unfortunately, her family was not able to keep the cutie when they moved out of state, so they brought her to the Oregon Humane Society with hopes that she’d be well taken care of.

Although she isn’t fluffy like hamsters usually are, she is still very cuddly and playful just like you’d expect a hamster to be. But because she has no hair, Silky needs to be kept in a warm environment and have a high protein diet to help regulate her temperature.

Oregon Humane Society

When Selene Mejia, a vet tech at the humane society, noticed Silky cowered in the corner of her cage for warmth she felt bad for the little hamster and decided to knit her a lovely wool coat.

Oregon Humane Society

“Silky is hairless due to a genetic mutation,” Diana Gabaldon of the Oregon Humane Society told The Dodo.

Oregon Humane Society

“While she isn’t fluffy like a normal hamster, she is just as cuddly and playful as any other hamster. She does need to be kept in a heated environment, especially during the winter, and have a higher protein diet to keep her warm.”

Oregon Humane Society

Silky currently has a minor eye infection, but as soon as she’s well the little one will be up for adoption. As long as she has her little coat, we’re sure she will be just fine.


Oregon Humane Society

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