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“She Taught Me A Recipe I Had Never Learned How To Make” Late Mom’s Final Visit Will Give You Goosebumps

A young man on TikTok with facial piercings tells a story about his mom.

Do you believe that our loved ones can still communicate with us after death? Something incredible happened to this TikToker when he couldn’t recall one of his late mom’s recipes well enough to recreate it. He went to bed feeling miserable, but he had the most amazing dream that night. Mom not only made an appearance, but she showed him how to cook that exact recipe in detail. When he woke up, he knew it was more than a dream.

This TikToker shared his incredible encounter with his late mother in a short video. He said that the dream had taken place in his childhood home. After teaching him the recipe, his mom spoke some very powerful words to her son: she told him that she “loved” and “forgave” him.


it wasnt just my subconcious; she taught me a recipe i had never learned how to make. she came to say goodbye.

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“It wasn’t just my subconcious,” wrote the young man. “She taught me a recipe I never learned how to make. She came to say goodbye.”

Commenters were truly moved by the TikToker’s dream about his late mom and her special recipe.

“People say we don’t have magic in our world,” wrote one user. “Sure, we can’t lift rocks with our minds or turn chairs alive, but we have this. This is magic.”

A young man on TikTok with facial piercings tells a story about his mom.
Screengrab from TikTok

Another person shared, “I lost my mom the same age. Every time I’m worried I’m forgetting her, I have a dream about her. Either her or my brain won’t let me forget.”

It’s so beautiful that this loving son got to share one last moment with his mother, even if it was a dream. Now, he has his mom’s recipe to remember her by.

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