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Pediatric Nurse’s How-To Instagram Videos Are Saving Children’s Lives.

Babies are precious, so as soon as they reach the age where they put everything in their mouth, their parents have to constantly worry about choking hazards.

Pediatric nurse Shannon Tripp’s fear became a real-life scenario one day when her then 9-month-old son started choking on a piece of hard candy. She sprang into action and saved his life, but the frightening experience made her wonder if other parents would know what to do in the same situation.


Without her medical training, Shannon might have lost her little one, and she wanted to make the information available to everyone. So later that same night, the mom of four posted a video on her Instagram page with instructions on what to do if a child is choking.


Before long, the video went viral. People just couldn’t thank her enough for the useful visual guide.

At that point, Shannon, who now has over 200,000 followers, decided to regularly share videos explaining what to do in the case of various emergencies or illnesses. They include tips on handling croup, fevers, and head injuries, and they are literally lifesaving!


A woman named Shelby Dunnam had to put Shannon’s tutorial to the test when she noticed her own daughter was struggling to breathe.

“I look over, and her face was turning blue and she was trying to gasp for air but she couldn’t,” Shelby told GMA. “She looked frantic. So in that moment, I completely panicked… [but] I realized I knew what to do.”

It was all thanks to Shannon’s instructions!


Not only is Shannon saving lives as a nurse, but she’s also helping countless parents online. What an amazing way to use social media for good!

Watch the video below to learn more about Shannon’s mission, and help her save lives by sharing this story with your friends.

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One year ago today I experienced the scariest moment of my motherhood so far. When my sweet three-year-old shared her hard peppermint candy with my baby and it occluded his airway. As a Pediatric ER Nurse I knew exactly what to do in that moment to save his life, and today I want to remind you that you don’t have to be a nurse to do the same for your own baby. You simply need to be prepared! PLEASE watch this how-to video linked in my bio, and then become CPR certified. I am praying that this helps calm your mama heart, and if it does that you will PLEASE share this information. By doing so, I have no doubt you will save a life! You’re doing great mama! 🤟🏻 (link in bio) — And if by chance YOU have had to help your own baby while choking, please also share your story below. Reminding all these beautiful mamas how capable we are! xo

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